OCT21 – 2014


In lieu of an in-depth article today, I offer you a second handful of scary stuff available online, for your pre-Halloween entertainment. I hope you find something you haven’t run across before, old sports…

1. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Song of Joy
This is one of my favorite horror-oriented songs ever, the lead off track from NC&TBS’ album Murder Ballads, which is an all-around creepy cavalcade. The way Mr. Cave says “Hit it” around 1:09, after the awesome line “All things move toward their end, on this you can be sure” is just THE BEST.

2. Nekrogoblikon – No One Survives
There’s a good chance you’ve seen this goblin metal epic since it has a few zillion hits on YouTube, but just in case you haven’t experienced the beauty that is John Goblikon (the main character of the video), I humbly submit it for your scowling approval.

3. LAURA PANIC by Adam Wingard
Before he directed A Horrible Way To Die and You’re Next, Adam Wingard made a bunch of really awesome short films. This is the first in his “Forgot to Take My Meds” trilogy, and it shows how cinematic a creative filmmaker can be even without a single cent to spend. (The second film in the trilogy is called Cerebella and it is one of my all-time favorite shorts, but since it’s not technically horror I figure I shouldn’t feature it here. I’d still suggest checking it out, though…)

4. All Flowers in Time by Jonathan Caouette
This is a REALLY weird short in full creepy surreal mode, made by the acclaimed director of the documentary Tarnation. I can make heads nor tails of this thing, but I still love it.

5. Late Night Work Club presents GHOST STORIES
Late Night Work Club is a collective of gifted animators (professionals, students, and amateurs alike) who make cool stuff in their spare time. This is their first offering, an anthology organized around the theme of ghost stories. A treasure trove for animation fans, ahoy!

6. The Tunnel – Directed by Carlo Ledesma
Lastly, if you haven’t seen the Australian found footage film The Tunnel, here’s your chance to do so for free (and completely legally) on YouTube. I’ve always thought this was an under-appreciated little movie with a pretty unique vibe, and am hoping that their decision to post it online brings the filmmakers the audience they deserve.

See you tomorrow!


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