OCT20 – 2017

MOVIE REVIEW: THE INTERIOR (2015) Horror is really more of an effect than a true genre. I mean, yes there is a genre named after it, but it’s because those works tend to feature a lot of fear, death, and destruction in a blatant way. Lots of otherwise mainstream or “normal” movies, books, plays, have […]

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OCT18 – 2017

THE BRITISH AND THEIR CREEPY, CREEPY AWESOMENESS! Friends, for me there is no better body of horror film than whatever the hell was going on in Britain between the late 1960s and the early 1980s. There’s just something so beautiful and wrong with the aesthetic, which seems borne of ancient paganism, sinister old thickets, and […]

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OCT09 – 2017

A FEW GREAT SHORT HORROR FILMS WATCHABLE FOR FREE ONLINE BONIATO Directed by Eric Mainade and Andres Meza-Valdes   THE ALPHABET Directed by David Lynch   OFF SEASON Directed by Jonathan Van Tulleken   SKULD (Guilt) Directed by Heiðrik á Heygum *** —BL      

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OCT06 – 2017

SHORT FILM: THE CELEBRANT My moviemaking posse made a short horror film called THE CELEBRANT a few years ago, and we had a ball doing it. It played at the HP Lovecraft Film Festivals in San Pedro and Portland. I was able to attend the one in San Pedro and it was quite a thrill […]

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OCT02 – 2017

A DARK SONG: IT’S HARD WORK MESSING WITH THE POWERS THAT BE A minor pet peeve I have in movies is when some incredibly difficult, nearly impossible task is pulled off by a character after a quick montage set to dramatic music. The task at hand might take a ton of grueling, arduous training and […]

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OCT29 – 2016

This year, as part of our Halloween celebration, I asked a whole bunch of the greatest living horror writers to tell us about the three SCARIEST books or stories that they’ve ever read. The thinking here is, if something scares THESE folks, it is probably awesome. Many authors have been kind enough to send in their […]

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OCT04 -2016

WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING EXPOSITION! Exposition is one of my least favorite aspects of horror fiction and films. It is almost always clunky by its very nature, and I find myself amazed when people manage to pull off extreme exposition in artful ways that don’t end up showing every seam and zipper. I’ve joked […]

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OCT02 – 2016

THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE (2016) Written and directed by Perry Blackshear (awesome name award!), THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE (TLLP) is a scary look at the onset of schizophrenia, and is hands down my favorite dark movie of the year. Even though it may not exactly be a horror film through and through, the final minutes are amongst […]

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OCT27 – 2015

GUEST POST: A LOVE LETTER TO RICHARD STANLEY’S “HARDWARE” I can’t imagine there’s a writer out there who doesn’t have a list, secret or otherwise, of things that were just that bit more influential than others. Influences are out there, influencing (it’s what they do), all the time. Some are fleeting, doing no more than […]

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OCT26 – 2015

THE HATHIES – 2015 Here are this year’s “Hathies” for outstanding achievement in scary cinema. Keep in mind that this is really more like a list of great movies (plus one stinkeroo) than any kind of inclusive dealio that implies I’ve seen every scary film, because I just don’t have the budget for such an undertaking. So, […]

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