OCT17 – 2017

A HUNK OF CREEPY MUSIC VIDEOS FOR YOU Here’s a whole bunch of spookified music videos for you youngsters. In some cases, the songs are spooky, too. In others, it’s whatever the hell is happening on screen that brings the heebie-jeebies. Hopefully you’ll find something something you haven’t heard/seen yet here… Oneohtrix Point Never – […]

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OCT21 – 2016

AN INTERVIEW WITH JAYAPRAKASH SATYAMURTHY WEIRD TALES OF A BANGALOREAN by JAYAPRAKASH SATYAMURTHY is one of the best collections of truly weird, supernatural literature that I have read in years. In her forward, Anna Tambour comes right out and calls Satyamurthy the foremost writer of ghost stories currently working, and I think she may not be overstating things. This […]

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OCT10 – 2015

CREEPTASTIC MUSIC FOR A HORRIFIC NIGHT IN Hey, I’ve got an idea–why don’t I embed a whole bunch of videos on this page of really disturbing songs by weird musicians? That seems like it could be fun! These are not arranged in any thematic order or anything, but are all cool and creepy. HOWEVER, that being […]

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OCT21 – 2014

POTPOURRI OF CREEPINESS, pt.2 In lieu of an in-depth article today, I offer you a second handful of scary stuff available online, for your pre-Halloween entertainment. I hope you find something you haven’t run across before, old sports… 1. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Song of Joy This is one of my favorite horror-oriented […]

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OCT10 – 2014

BLACK JAKE AND THE CARNIES When it comes to having creative friends, I am one blessed son of a biscuit. If I had a dollar for every insanely talented writer, musician, filmmaker or artist I’ve had the pleasure to work with in this life, I could take all you readers out for a pretty sweet […]

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OCT08 – 2014

GUEST POST: DEAD MAN’S BONES Did you know Ryan Gosling put out an album of spooky songs about ghosts, monsters, dead things, and love? And that he and his pal Zach Shields played all the instruments (including the ones they’d never picked up before) and wrote all the music themselves? Well, he did, and they […]

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