Welcome to 31 Hath October. This 31-day blog is dedicated to all things in the horror genre, from books to movies to music to art, with one post per day until Halloween. It’s kind of like a Silver Shamrock advent calendar (if you get that reference, chances are you’re in the right place)–when you open each day’s little door, instead of a chocolate elf, you’ll get an essay or review or oddball commentary about something scary, written either by little ol’ me or a special guest blogster. We will endeavor to cover stuff that is maybe not as well-known to the public at large, but may occasionally have to wax rhapsodic about Mr. King, Ms. Jackson, or that Dracula fella. All in all, should be a good time…

Check back daily in October for a new morsel of morbid merriment. Here’s to a fun month!


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