OCT01 – 2017


Greetings, friends. With this we begin Year Four of 31 HATH OCTOBER, which means 31 posts between now and All Hallows, all dealing with the virtues of the scary arts–books, movies, music, podcasts, etc. To kick things off in the traditional manner (four times makes this a tradition, rather than a coincidence, I think), here are a batch of great horror short stories by great horror short story writers that can all be read (or listened to, in once case) online. For free. Let me repeat: Good horror by good writers for free. Sweet!

Jump in and have a look and I’ll see you in the days ahead…

1. “The Man in the Ambry” by Gwendolyn Kiste


Friends, Gwendolyn Kiste is a superb writer, one of the more amazing newish voices I’ve read this past year. This epistolary story is from her first collection AND HER SMILE WILL UNTETHER THE UNIVERSE, which I’ll be reviewing  later in the month (and which you should just buy, really). Here, she starts from a slightly whimsical-seeming-at-first place that slowly morphs into something sad and creepy, yet oddly humane. The main character is AWESOME. If all goes well, we will also be featuring an interview with Ms. Kiste later in the month, and I can’t wait! (This one is an audio story)

2. “Birds of Lancaster, Lairamore, Lovejoy” by Michael Wehunt


Another writer who YOU NEED TO READ if you haven’t yet (for whatever reason), because he hurls bolts of dread-filled originality all through his stories. He is also one of those rare cats who can change up style with each new piece, seemingly effortlessly, like some kind of galdurned boy genius or something. He will be joining us later in the month to talk about something new… his first novel!

3. “Seven Minutes in Heaven” by Nadia Bulkin


Nadia Bulkin is one of my absolute favorite voices in fiction at the moment. For me, she can do no wrong, and I love how political commentary oozes from her spooky and sci-fi stories. This one is from one of the better anthologies of the past few years, AICKMAN’S HEIRS from Undertow Books, and is one of the stand out pieces. I am excited for any of you who haven’t read this one yet, because it’s SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!

4. “Spite House” by Alison Moore


I am a sucker for British Christmas ghost stories, which are a cool tradition that I wish existed here in the US. Alison Moore is a writer who could pretty much pull off ANYTHING she wanted, her command of language is so stellar, and it’s just so great that she’s into horror and weirdness. I wish that happened all the time with EVERY writer, but thank goodness for when it does. Here is a story about a daughter returning to England to claim her family home, and its reaction…

5. “Lacrimosa” by Sylvia Moreno-Garcia


And we close things out with another heavy-hitter. Sylvia Moreno-Garcia is someone who boggles my mind every time I read her stuff. There’s so much energy and intelligence and she never fails to bring the horror in her scary stories, even when she’s making larger thematic points. Here, she takes on the legend of La Llorona…

* * *

There you have it. Special thanks to Nightmare Magazine, The Dark Magazine, The Wicked Library, and The Independent for hosting these stories. And thanks to the writers for being awesome. And for October. And, and…

See you tomorrow!


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