OCT30 – 2017

STRANGER THINGS: AN APPRECIATION By Shannon Watkins (Warning: light spoilers.) By now your coworkers, cousins, best friend, and carpool buddies have all talked your ear off about the Duffer Brothers’ Netflix series “Stranger Things,” assuming you haven’t already done likewise to them. “It’s like Stephen King wrote it!” they babble. “It’s sorta like John Carpenter […]

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OCT23 – 2017

A POTPOURRI OF CREEPINESS – PART 1 Today’s offering is a short list of unconnected creepy stuff–two BBC television programs from the 1970s, two painters whose work definitely falls into the realm of weird horror, and an audio recording of the awesome Michael Blumlein reading his story “Greedy for Kisses” as part of the 2005 […]

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OCT16 – 2017

FOUND FOOTAGE 3D: IT’S META COMEDY HORROR TIME, PEOPLE! In an effort to try and stay at the cutting edge here at 31 HATH, I watched a movie that’s just come out. It’s a little ditty called FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, and it’s a… well, a found footage movie that’s… shot in 3D. It’s about a […]

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OCT15 – 2017

INVASION OF THE POD (CAST) PEOPLE, PT. 2 In continuing my quest to “get hip with the times” and be all “cool, man”, I have casting about for more horror/horror-ish podcasts worth spending valuable ear space on. Since I am a newbie, for those of you who are old hands at this stuff, this might […]

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OCT14 – 2017

CREEPIFIED SHORT ANIMATED FILMS, AHOY! There’s just something so RIGHT about using animation to horrify, don’t you think? WHO’S HUNGRY David Ochs WAITING Emylyn Boyle FRANCIS Richard Hickey GHOST SQUAD Kieran Sugrue BUMP CLASSIQUE Ben Wheele BANJO GYRO! Grady Sain THE TALE OF HOW Jannes Hendrikz, Ree Treweek and Markus Smit TWELVE DAYS OF BLACK […]

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OCT11 – 2017

THE OUTER DARK SYMPOSIUM ON THE GREATER WEIRD On the weekend of March 25th, 2017, I flew down to Atlanta and attended my first-ever literary convention-ish event, THE OUTER DARK SYMPOSIUM ON THE GREATER WEIRD, put on by the mad geniuses behind THE OUTER DARK PODCAST, Scott Nicolay and Anya Martin. Needless to say, it […]

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OCT08 – 2017

TWO FAVORITE DEBUT COLLECTIONS I read a lot of amazing short fiction in the past year, and continue to be amazed by how much good stuff is out there right now. If you like being creeped out, it’s a new golden age… I’ll be talking specifically about a few other collections and anthologies later in […]

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