OCT14 – 2015

WYLDING HALL BY ELIZABETH HAND: MEMORY, MUSIC, MADNESS, AND MAGIC As a musician for much of my life, I tend to get annoyed by movies and books that attempt to take place “behind the scenes” of a band or solo artist’s career. They almost always suck at portraying the REAL vibe of touring, recording, fighting, […]

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OCT09 -2015

MATTHEW M. BARTLETT: GATEWAYS TO BRILLIANCE Matthew M. Bartlett is an author born in Connecticut in 1970, who currently resides somewhere in Western Massachusetts. His endlessly amazing novel/collection/freak-out GATEWAYS TO ABOMINATION (GTA) is simply one of the the best and freshest works in all of the current weird horror renaissance. Here is a review I […]

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OCT07 – 2015

MICHAEL MCDOWELL: BAD ASS When I was a youngster, way back in the 1970s (or “the nineteens” as my teenaged daughter refers to that dark epoch), my mom was a big horror reader. I’ve mentioned before that it was she who presented me with a copy of Stephen King’s NIGHT SHIFT,¬†which began my lifelong love […]

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OCT30 – 2014

GLEN HIRSHBERG, AN APPRECIATION This past summer I had the distinct pleasure of getting to meet one of my TOP TWO favorite living horror writers, Mr. Glen Hirshberg, when he came to our town on a whirlwind tour for his latest novel Motherless Child. He turned out to be a very friendly person and didn’t […]

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OCT28 – 2014

THESE ARE A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS… For today’s post, I asked the three nice folks (and great horror writers) who guest blogged on this thing–Dora Badger, Sam Fleming, and Kristopher Kelly–to send me lists of their favorite horror genre pieces. Ms. Fleming and Ms. Badger were able to bust them out, but poor […]

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OCT25 – 2014

TRULY SCARY STUFF People enjoy the horror genre for different reasons. Some like the twisted creativity at play, some like vicarious thrills, others might be into it out of morbid curiosity, etc. The thing I enjoy the most, but which is also the hardest quality to find, is SCARINESS. By that I don’t mean weird […]

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OCT20 – 2014

LAIRD BARRON RULES SO HARD!!! Laird Barron is a freaking TALENTED horror writer, friends. One of the best ever in my humble opinion, and the person I consider to be the Bob Dylan of cosmic horror. Just as Mr. Dylan did with American and European folk music, synthesizing various traditional strands into a modern hybrid, […]

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OCT14 – 2014

CRIME WITH A TWIST OF HORROR As time goes on I find myself getting more and more interested in crime fiction. This may be a delayed reaction influence from my dad who never met a trashy crime novel he wouldn’t read, bless him. I certainly grew up with a respect for people like Gregory MacDonald, […]

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OCT 02 – 2014

THE LAND OF LAUGHS by JONATHAN CARROLL Today, I’d like to talk about the very gifted writer of weirdness, Jonathan Carroll, his first novel, and the art of ending stuff. This is Jonathan Carroll (with his dog, Jack): He isn’t what one might call a full-on horror writer in the classic sense of the term, […]

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