OCT26 – 2017

MICHAEL WEHUNT JUST WROTE HIS FIRST NOVEL AND I PESTERED HIM ABOUT IT! Michael Wehunt‘s first collection, GREENER PASTURES, is as strong a debut as any I can think of. It’s full of great stories with lots of creativity and thematic depth, and never once forgets to bring the creepy. If you haven’t read it […]

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OCT25 – 2017

CHRISTOPHER SLATSKY IS A FREAKING GENIUS!!! To make a long story short, Christopher Slatsky is just plain one of the best writers of weirdness on earth. If you need more detail, here is a reprint of the review I posted for his first collection on Amazon.com: There has been a lot of game-changing weird fiction […]

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OCT22 – 2017

AN INTERVIEW WITH GWENDOLYN KISTE AND HER SMILE WILL UNTETHER THE UNIVERSE is the debut short fiction collection of Gwendolyn Kiste, which came out this past spring. It is one of the best collections of the past ten years and is packed with so much creepiness, creativity, and heart that my mind was in constant […]

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OCT19 – 2017

THE DEVIL CREPT IN BY ANIA AHLBORN I’ve mentioned in past posts that most of my reading of horror and weirdness these days is via short story collections and anthologies. The short and novella forms are, for me, the most potent when it comes to packing a scary and stylistic wallop. That does not mean, […]

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OCT11 – 2017

THE OUTER DARK SYMPOSIUM ON THE GREATER WEIRD On the weekend of March 25th, 2017, I flew down to Atlanta and attended my first-ever literary convention-ish event, THE OUTER DARK SYMPOSIUM ON THE GREATER WEIRD, put on by the mad geniuses behind THE OUTER DARK PODCAST, Scott Nicolay and Anya Martin. Needless to say, it […]

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OCT05 – 2017

TWO FAVORITE BOOKS READ THIS YEAR I definitely don’t have the time or budget to read every horror novel or collection that comes along, so I’m pretty choosy when picking things to read. Often, I go with recommendations from authors I follow on Facebook, or if I see that a bunch of writers I love […]

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OCT30 – 2015

AN INTERVIEW WITH LIVIA LLEWELLYN! Me, I pretty much only read short stories and novellas when it comes to horror, dark fantasy, etc. Novels don’t usually do it for me mostly because they tend to feel so watered down compared to shorter work (obviously, there are lots of exceptions–We Have Always Lived In The Castle, […]

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OCT29 – 2015

SCOTT NICOLAY’S ANA KAI TANGATA: MAN EATING STORIES OF THE WEIRD Anyone who has ever seriously engaged in the study of an art form or sport or other intense discipline knows that there is no such thing as an “overnight sensation”. Though an artist may hit the public consciousness all at once, seemingly out of […]

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OCT28 – 2015

AN INTERVIEW WITH VICTOR LAVALLE Victor LaValle is one of my favorite living authors, and just an amazing stylist, thinker, and feeler (for lack of a better word). He’s written one short story collection (SLAPBOXING WITH JESUS) and three novels (THE ECSTATIC, BIG MACHINE, and THE DEVIL IN SILVER). His last two books have had […]

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OCT18 – 2015

CHARLEE JACOB AND THE ART OF GOING TOO FAR CHARLEE JACOB is a four-time Bram Stoker Award winning writer from Texas, specializing in REALLY dark novels, short stories, and poetry. And when I say REALLY, I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY DARK, LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN DARK BEFORE. Jacob is known for a couple of different […]

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