OCT28 – 2016

THE ARTWORK OF CANDICE TRIPP, PAINTER LADY Awhile ago, the awesome T.E. Grau announced his upcoming novella from This Is Horror by posting the incredibly beautiful painted cover. Here, take a look for yourself: That amazing piece of work, it turns out, is by the one and only Candice Tripp,  British artist extraordinaire. She works in […]

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OCT20 – 2016

TOBIAS STRETCH IS A NIGHTMARE MAKING MACHINE!!! No commentary today. Just feast your brains… (If you like Mr. Stretch’s work, definitely check out his website.)             *** –BPL

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OCT31 – 2014

WHY HORROR? Well, my friends, we’ve reached the end of the 31-day cycle. It’s about 11 pm on Halloween as I type this. Our little 3-year-old bat kid and his exhausted mom are upstairs asleep. I’ve eaten the last Milky Way left over from our candy bowl (pretty decent turn out for a blustery, really cold […]

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OCT27 – 2014

JUNJI ITO’S WEIRD NIGHTMARE WORLD Firstly, we need to be clear from the start that I am NOT an expert on Japanese manga or anime, and have never claimed to be. There are folks out there who live and breathe this stuff, and at best I am a random dabbler. That being said, since this blog […]

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OCT10 – 2014

BLACK JAKE AND THE CARNIES When it comes to having creative friends, I am one blessed son of a biscuit. If I had a dollar for every insanely talented writer, musician, filmmaker or artist I’ve had the pleasure to work with in this life, I could take all you readers out for a pretty sweet […]

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OCT06 – 2014

CALVIN LEE REEDER’S “LITTLE FARM” I had the pleasure of interviewing Calvin Lee Reeder for a blog several years ago, around the time he was working on his first feature film The Oregonian. Up to that point, he had made a name for himself creating a handful of nightmare logic creepfest short films. He has since […]

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