OCT15 – 2017


In continuing my quest to “get hip with the times” and be all “cool, man”, I have casting about for more horror/horror-ish podcasts worth spending valuable ear space on. Since I am a newbie, for those of you who are old hands at this stuff, this might come across as the equivalent of some old fogie asking if you’ve seen that newfangled Star Wars picture show, so take all this with a healthy grain of whatever it is you kids call salt nowadays…

In any case, here are a few more podcasts that I’ve listened to and enjoyed:


Cool, dark-tinged sci fi. A podcaster, Nicky Tomalin, gets a plum internship with a group of world famous cryptographers who happen to be working on the assignment of a lifetime: translating “The Message”, a 30-second radio transmission from real extraterrestrials!

This show gets SO much right. It’s only 8 episodes long, the episodes never over stay their welcome, and the compelling story builds with creepy, yet interesting momentum. They even have a brilliant reason for why the main character would keep podcasting after all hell breaks loose! The production quality is stunning, with some of the best overall audio editing and voice acting I’ve run into so far in the p-cast world. Makes sense, as it’s an offshoot of GE Theater!

This is a late night college radio show from the fictional Alexandria University (“the Miskatonic of the south!”), hosted by “Morning Wood”. It’s a fun mix of weird/horror stuff and comedy, and both sides of the coin really work. The episodes are short, and each features comedic interactions between MW and denizens of the bizarre town, as well as story from an outside author. Lots of great energy. IA IA, Wendigos!


SPINES is a sort of fictional “missed connections” podcast being put out by a woman who is trying to make sense of her very strange life. You see, a couple months ago Wren came to, covered in blood, fleeing a burning house where she has vague memories of being held hostage in an attic by some weird cultists. Each episode follows her adventures trying to find her fellow kidnapees from the attic, hoping she’ll remember who she really is along the way. And hoping her podcast will reach the ears of someone who can help.

This one is maybe best labeled as a dark fantasy, but things get weird, fast, and they stay there. Wren Jones is a great host, the mystery is pretty awesome, and it sports some very inspired imagery.


This one is from the same folks who make WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE, including WTNV co-author Jospeh Fink. It follows a female trucker, Keisha, as she travels the surreal byways of the US, looking for her long lost wife, Alice, who she thought was dead but has recently discovered may still be alive.

Keisha is voiced by Jasika Nicole (best known to us FRINGE fans for her role as Agent Farnsworth!), and she carries the one-woman show with great aplomb. The podcast takes the form of her observations taped in the cab of the truck, and the places she goes and people she meets get pretty out there. The surreal aspect is nice, but maybe robs a little of the possibility for true spookiness here, but overall a really interesting podcast.


There you have it from old Gramps. Who woulda ever expected they’d put RADIO onto COMPUTERS!





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