OCT06 – 2017



My moviemaking posse made a short horror film called THE CELEBRANT a few years ago, and we had a ball doing it. It played at the HP Lovecraft Film Festivals in San Pedro and Portland. I was able to attend the one in San Pedro and it was quite a thrill getting to watch our little movie in a real theater with an audience of 400 people. It was also included in their H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Best of 2014 Collection DVD. Those DVDs have now officially sold out, so I can share this sucker with you all.



It is the last night of recording for ‘The Collected Works’ books-on-tape set of cult horror author, Mordecai Saccades. There is only one last piece to go, an extremely rare poem called ‘The Celebrant’. Perhaps there is a reason it has never been read aloud before…

2012 11 mins USA Color

Directed by Brian Lillie
Written by Dave Rahbari, Brian Lillie, and Kevin Meisel
Starring Dave Rahbari, Kevin Meisel, and Al DiBlassio



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