OCT12 – 2016


Here is a small batch of great short horror films that can be watched for free online. Who says you need 90+ minutes to scare the bejeebers out of people? Not these filmmakers…

Directed by Mark Steensland. This one has pretty amazing horror credentials, with a screenplay by Rick Hautala, based on the short story by Kealan Patrick Burke. This one packs some superb creepiness into its compact runtime.


Written, Produced & Directed by Matt Bloom. An impressively shifting tale of hunter and prey, told via super slow motion, which adds an air of dream-like intensity.


Directed, written, produced, and animated by Daniel Gray and Tom Brown. One man’s lifelong obsession with teeth, brilliantly animated, thoroughly disquieting.


Written, directed and produced by Oliver Park. This is an effective little number with high production value and ratcheting tension that gets almost unbearable by the end.


Directed by Steve Ayson. A frightening little number from New Zealand, about the dangers of house renovation.


By Robert Morgan. Let’s go out with a hellish bang, shall we? Check out this surreal stop motion nightmare… IF YOU DARE!



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