OCT31 -2015


Well, we made it. One more year, one more batch of posts celebrating the genre of horror in all its eerie, creepy, terrifying, awe-inspiring, horrific glory. Woo Hoo!

Of course, what with all the Halloween shenanigans today (including the annual Halloween concert at Hill Auditorium here in beautiful Tree Town), there is barely any time left for enbloggening. Thus, I’m gonna be real short here, and end with a super simple thank you to the one thing that has meant the most to me in all my years as a horror fan. And that one thing would be…



Eight-year-old me was BLOWN THE EFF AWAY by this series back in 1974, and especially by the singular awesomeness of Darin McGavin, who played intrepid wise-ass Chicago newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak. Never have I loved a thing as much as I loved that show, with its cavalcade of monsters and the seat-of-his-pants heroics of Mr. Kolchak. Sure, it ended after only one season, mostly because the idea of there being THAT many monsters in Chicago that only one dude knows about was stretched about as far as it would go. However, the two TV movies that preceded the show (The Night Stalker, and The Night Strangler) are gems, and many of the episodes of the series are just plain genius. I mean:

For you younger folks out there who maybe haven’t seen or even heard of this show, it’s still worth a look (and it’s available to stream on Netflix). The two made-for-television movies (both produced by Dan Curtis and either written or adapted by Richard Matheson!) are GREAT, and totally worth looking into.

These are the episodes I’d check out first, were I you:

  • EP 01: The Ripper
  • EP 02: The Zombie
  • EP 09: The Spanish Moss Murders
  • EP 11: Horror in the Heights
  • EP 15: Chopper

Darin McGavin, I freaking love you man.




SPECIAL THANKS to Dora Badger, Sam Fleming, and Kristopher Kelly for their awesome guest posts this year, and to Matthew M. Bartlett, Victor LaValle, and Livia Llewellyn for allowing us to interview them. Until next year, my friends…

–Brian Lillie

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