OCT20 – 2015


LFO (Which stands for ‘Low-Frequency Oscillation’) is a 2013 Swedish black comedy / sci fi movie written and directed by Antonio Tublen.


Looking like Russell Crowe’s dumpy Swedish little brother, Patrik Karlson stars as Robert, the deranged main character. It’s a great performance, thank goodness, since he is in almost every shot in the film. The plot involves Robert trying to overcome a “sound allergy” by studying different audio frequencies with some unseen collaborators on Skype. As his research begins to bear fruit, we are given more and more hints as to just how unhinged he is. The wife and son he has several conversations with, for example, are most probably not really there (don’t worry, that’s not a big spoiler).

“It’s science and occasionally you have to disregard the moral aspects.” — Robert

Eventually, Robert stumbles across a series of frequencies that can be used to tap directly into a listener’s brain. He finds he can ‘hypnotize’ himself this way by playing suggestions at the same time as the weird frequencies. Soon, he decides it would be a good idea to move to Phase 2 of his “research”, which involves his sexy new neighbors, Linn and Simon (Izabella Jo Tschig and Per Löfberg).


Eventually he installs a remote sound system in their house across the street, so he can eavesdrop and hypnotize them at will. This is where the movie goes nuts, and it is equally funny and wince-inducing watching Robert put this poor couple through the wringer. What follows is Robert’s steadily increasing madness velocity as he both tries to use the technology to satiate his whims, and figure out a way to help humanity with it. It takes only about 5 minutes for us to know that he is the absolute LAST person we would ever want messing with the controls of our minds.


I think the film, though funny, is creepy as hell and works as a horror movie without even having to fudge things. Where it all goes by the end is really dark, and pretty awesome.

Overall, very well acted, well-written, and bizarre. I loved it.



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