OCT19 – 2015


Self promotion is one of the hardest things for me to get excited about doing. I’m easily embarrassed and talking about myself just makes it worse. I wish I was one of those folks who is great at marketing, since I am a writer and moviemaker and musician, but oh well. Maybe next life…


However, in this one particular case, I am going to talk about a movie project that I directed and edited called THE MERIWETHER DEVICE. Many of my best friends on earth poured a lot of energy and heart into making this short (30 minute) film happen back in 2010, and it turned out WAY better than anything our little film posse had tried before. The cast–Tom Szymanski, Carol Gray, David Serra, Maggie Meyer, Kristin Beckett, and Jim Roll–is uniformly excellent. The folks who shot it, Jen Seibert (nee Locke) and Alanson DiBlassio, are majorly gifted, as well as being two of my favorite people. The music by Paul Schmitter is great and very original, and there are songs by Great Lakes Myth Society and The Cacti. My friend Paul Walther, the very talented horror writer, helped craft the story. We shot the whole thing in one epic three day weekend at my grandparents’ house up north.


Is it perfect? No. There are rough edges here and there, we shot it in Standard Definition, so it’s not the highest res short ever created, etc. But it was one of the most fun and most satisfying artistic experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m extremely proud of it, and of the group who put it all together. Jim Roll, it turned out, even had a frikkin KIDNEY INFECTION, but still managed to pull off his role!

One of my favorite horror authors of all time, LAIRD BARRON, watched MERIWETHER and said the following on Facebook:


He compared it to Ray Bradbury and Robert Aickman (!!!), which is amazing . My head almost exploded when I read that…

So, today’s humble offering here at 31 Hath October is THE MERIWETHER DEVICE. It’s about six people who get together for a weekend up north–five old friends and a quirky new boyfriend who collects machines from the Victorian era. Unfortunately for everyone, the new boyfriend has brought along his latest find, The Meriwether Device…


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