OCT04 – 2015


I am a big fan of short films, and short horror especially. When done well, it is surprising how much heft a 5 minute long film can have. For today’s hunk of horror, allow me to turn your attentions to 7 well done shorts that can be watched online for free:

1. THE SWARM (directed by Tom Harper)

This is a pretty great alien invasion piece from England, shot entirely on cellphones. I am impressed by how much action they manage to cram into its short runtime, as well as the level of effects they pulled off.

2. SEA DEVIL (directed by Dean C. Marcial and Brett Potter)

The tagline for this one is “immigration is hell”. A nightmarish story set entirely on a fishing boat out at sea.

3. BREATHE (directed by Toby Meakins)

Short, sharp, and nasty. With one of the Night’s Watch!

4. No mires ahí (Don’t look there) (directed by Daniel Romero)

A nice take on haunting and family ties, from Spain (with subtitles).

5. The Last Time I Saw Richard (directed by Nicholas Verso)

This one kicked my ass. Everything in this piece is impressive, with special kudos to the two main young actors Toby Wallace and Cody Fern. Amazing, and amazingly touching.

6. Reaver (directed by Len LoBiondo)

This is what happens when someone makes a Lovecraftian horror short for their final thesis project at the American Film Institute. The production value and technical stuff is impressive as hell, and it boasts some real creeping dread.

7. My Shadow Mocks Me (directed by Jack McGinity)

This effing thing is only 2.5 minutes long, but it is one of the creepiest, most truly scary things I’ve ever seen. Seriously. It’s almost impossible to believe that something this brief could be this resonant. A masterpiece, in my book.

More tomorrow, Halloweeniks…


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