OCT18 – 2014


Here are ten horror/thriller movies available on Netflix streaming right now, dear reader, that are uncommonly good and perfect for your pre-Halloween viewing pleasure. I tried to pick ones that might have fallen through the cracks for some of you, though most all of these will be old hat for the true horror movie nuts out there. I stand by any and all on this list and suggest checking out the ones you haven’t seen:

1. The Conspiracy
Canadian found-footage movie about two documentarians making a movie about a conspiracy nut and the rabbit hole it leads them down. Featuring the awesome Aaron Poole as the main character, “Aaron”.

2. Simon Killer
There are lots of movies that follow psycho killers on their rampages, but this is the first one I’ve ever seen that shows us the very early days of a serial killer in the making. This is one creepy, chilling, AWESOME movie.

3. The Innkeepers
Ti West’s follow-up to his mega-spooky House of the Devil, featuring Sara Paxton (in one of the most appealing performances you will EVER see in a horror movie) as Claire, who is working the front desk on the final weekend of a famous old hotel before it closes for good. She and her fellow clerk, Luke (Pat Healy), decide to spend the hotel’s last hours trying to prove, once and for all, that it’s haunted. Does this sound like a good idea to you?

4. The Snowtown Murders
Brilliant, really unsettling fictional retelling of one of Australia’s creepiest serial murder cases. This is NOT light viewing, so be prepared to go very dark. It features a star-making performance from Bob Adriaens as Gavin, a truly charismatic killer if ever there was one.

5. Jug Face
The idea for this rural cult nightmare is really outlandish, but I’ll be damned if they don’t nail it. Impressively realized and extremely original.

6. The Bay
Barry Levinson, best known for movies like Diner and Rainman, tries to keep up with the kids by making a found footage eco-horror movie about something REALLY nasty in Chesapeake Bay. EWWWW!!!!

7. Shivers (aka They Came From Within)
David Cronenberg’s first horror feature film, released in 1975. It deals with a parasitic infestation in a modern Toronto high rise. Yuckos! (as my 3-year-old would say).

8. In The Dark Half
Very affecting British film about a young girl coping with tragedy via a series of complicated nature rituals only she understands, and a father destroyed by grief when his young son dies mysteriously. The supernatural and the psychological swirl together quite effectively in this one.

9. The Caller
Mary (Rachelle Lefevre) is a divorcee living in Puerto Rico who starts receiving phone calls from a strange, sinister woman who tells her she’s calling from the past. You wouldn’t think someone could hurt you from 40 years ago, would you? And you’d be wrong, dummy! A real gem…

10. Right at Your Door
A “dirty bomb” is set off in Los Angeles, which brings with it mass panic, quarantine, and paranoia–all told through the eyes of one unlucky homeowner.

Only 13 days til Halloween!


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