OCT11 – 2014


Life. It’s bigger. Bigger than you, etc. This is me in the corner, not having time to write up a meaty entry for today. So instead, please accept this offering of INCREDIBLE horror short films available on YouTube. NOTE: My friend, Dora Badger, will be sharing a much more impressive collection of awesome horror shorts later in the month, so think of this as a little appetizer…

1. I Love Sarah Jane
With the current zombie craze that REFUSES TO DIE, it’s rare that anything new is being done in the sub-genre. Mostly, it’s because filmmakers forget to tell human stories along with their undead shuffling hordes, and there are only so many ways we can watch a zombie get its head bashed in. This charming short puts the focus on the living and kicks major ass in the process.

2. MK12 Presents Follow the Sun!
Ever wondered what it would be like if Armageddon were to happen in the middle of one of those hokey intermission animations at a drive in? Look no further!

3. The Hidden People
Grickle is a mad genius of animation and this, for me, is his most disturbing short–all the more amazing that it’s only about 3 minutes long.

4. Dear Beautiful
This is unlike anything else out there. Supposedly Dear Beautiful is being expanded into a feature-length piece, though it’s been five years since the filmmaker, Roland Becerra, made that announcement. Fingers crossed! Truly visionary style.

Part One:

Part Two:

Check back tomorrow when the topic is KILL LIST!!!

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