OCT06 – 2014


Mr. Reeder
Mr. Reeder

I had the pleasure of interviewing Calvin Lee Reeder for a blog several years ago, around the time he was working on his first feature film The Oregonian. Up to that point, he had made a name for himself creating a handful of nightmare logic creepfest short films. He has since gone on to direct his second feature, The Rambler (2013, starring Dermot Mulroney as the mysterious title character) and has appeared as an actor in a couple fun horror films, V/H/S and You’re Next.

"Mulroney, you ain't no Bob-ass Dylan."
“Mulroney, you ain’t no Bob-ass Dylan.”

I love his movies, even though they are about as weird as it gets. His stuff mixes art film with grimy weirdness and a bizarro sense of humor, and manages to NEVER BE BORING, which is a lot harder than he makes it look.


I’ve enjoyed everything he’s made, but the one I keep going back to is Little Farm. If you’ve never seen it, prepare yourself. There’s really nothing else like this 8 minutes…


(Boring side note: I promised yesterday that today’s post was going to be ‘epic’. Then I woke up with a head cold that’s seriously hampering my ‘bilities. So, instead I had to go with short and sweet, alas…)

Check back tomorrow for more creepy/scary/horrifying fun…

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