OCT05 – 2014


No, I’m not trying to seduce you– Sauna is the title of an awesome Finnish horror movie that doesn’t get as much love as it deserves, in my book. Set in the late 16th century, it is the story of two brothers, Eerik and Knut, who are part of the commission set up between Sweden-Finland and Russia to redraw the borders between the countries after twenty years of horrible war. They end up having to traverse a swamp, where they find a weird village smack dab in the middle, built next to a mysterious (and über-creepy) “sauna”, which sticks out of the filthy water like an old Finnish version of the house at the end of Blair Witch (click on the photo below to get a bigger version and know that saunas used to be VERY different places than nowadays):


This little slow-burn gem was written by Iiro Küttner and directed by Antti-Jussi Annila, and they pretty much nailed everything, from the grim locations (how did they order that much crappy weather?), to the characters, to the amazingly effective mystery of what is going on in this village, etc. I knew we were in good hands when the border commission finds the carcass of the wolf that had scratched its own eyes out. Good times…


Especially brilliant is Ville Virtanen, who plays Eerik, the older brother who has brutalized his way through the war and now has only the semblance of a soul left. There is a purity to his performance that blew my mind…

sauna (1)

Check out the trailer below and if you ever find yourself in the mood for a very original, atmospheric and scary watch, give this one a try. Also, if you have a phobia of having to wear the same clothes every day, while walking for miles through a hideous Finnish swamp, this one will probably curdle your face right off from grimacing…

This was a short one today, my wee deevils. Tomorrow’s offering promises to be an epic…

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